Welcome to my homepage. My name is Katharina Kuesters and I am an assistance dog expert in Germany. I am glad that you have found me. On my homepage I would like to give you first information about living with an assistance dog in Germany.



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If you have any questions or comments, I would be happy if you write to me or if we talk on the phone. You are welcome to book a telephone appointment via my calendary. 



For more Informations about getting an assistance Dog: Please "click" on the Golden Retriver on the picture. 



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You need Informations about the Assistance Dog law in Germany?  Please "click" on the picture.



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The Assistance Dog TAsks

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Guide Dogs for the Blind

I do not train guide dogs myself, but if you are interested I will be happy to contact experienced colleagues. 


The picture shows a blind man with his guide dog

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The Assistance Dog for People with mobility desease

The mobility assistance dog for people who have a disability with limited mobility. These include paraplegia, amputations, limitations after a stroke, and the like.


The picture shows a young man sitting in a wheelchaire. His service Dog, a yellow labrador pic up a roop from the floor

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The Signal Assistance Dog for deaf people

The signal assistance dog for deaf or hard of hearing people. 


                                                                      The picture shows a yellow Labrador hooting a telephone receiver in its mouth

Foto: Petra Kurth, Overath


The medical allert and warning Service Dog

The medical allert and warning dog for people with neurological or metabolic diseases, or anaphylaxis. These include mainly diabetes, epilepsy and narcolepsy, and severe allergies.


                                                                      The picture shows a beagle lying next to a human lying on the ground and putting his paw on the human's arm.

Foto: Patricia Stroucken, Mechenheim


The Service Dog for people with psycho-social disabilities: Autism, PTSD, Dementia 

The PSB assistance dog for people with psycho-social disabilities. These include, for example: PTSD, autism, dementia, depression. 


                                                                      The picture shows a gray pied German shepherd mix,  standing crosswise in front of a sitting woman, protecting her.