The way to an assistance dog

If you want to get an assistance dog in your life, some points are especially important:

* Do you live with a disability or severe chronic illness that makes it appropriate for an assistance dog to accompany you?

* Do you have proof of disability from a medical specialist?

* Do you like dogs, perhaps you already have experience with dogs?

* Do all the people living in the household agree with the dog? Can someone reliable take care of the dog if you are not well?

* Is it agreed with the employer, university or school that an assistance dog will come along? Does he agree?


* Of course, the financing of the training and maintenance must also be secured. An assistance dog is trained many hours over a period of about 1.5 - 2 years. Quickly costs of 25.000,- € or more come together. The maintenance of the dog costs after moving in with you about 400, - € per month, including the further training. You want to know how such a training can look like? Here (link) you can find more information about an assistance dog trained by me for you.


Important to know is: Assistance dogs have to be paid by yourself in Germany. Except for guide dogs for the blind, which are sometimes paid by the health insurance, all assistance dogs have to be financed by yourself.